Create, Import & Share Flashcard decks

Flashcards DIY

Flashcards DIY provides a simple interface and options to help you create, learn and share flashcard decks.

Create cards on the app or import files that transform into great looking card decks instantly.

Making flashcards should be simple and now you can build unlimited flash card decks for offline study.

What is a .CSV file?CSV stands for comma separated values. Most Spreadsheet applications let you export spreadsheets as CSV files. You can create your card decks in a spreadsheet save as a CSV file and let FlashcardsDIY do the rest.
Where can I find examples?Check out our Examples page, we will be adding more example decks there so stay tuned
How do I request features?Contact Us, we're working on making the app more useful and would love to hear you thoughts.
How do I create a new deck?Tap on the + button on the top left corner of the app or open a CSV file using the FlashcardsDIY app.
Can I archive my decks?Sure, one way to do that easily is to tap on the share button while browsing your deck. You can email your deck to yourself. We're working on better solutions, if you have any ideas be sure to let us know.
I've found a bug!Great! we love to find bugs and squash them! The best way to let us know is to send a screen shot or a problematic deck to us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.